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Beginning Businesses
You are excited and enthusiastic about this new stage in your professional life.  However, without a proper foundation, planning, and support, your starting out dreams can quickly turn into a series of nightmares. Use our experience starting, operating, and managing numerous different businesses ranging from start-up to multi-million dollar operations.
Growing Businesses
The need to get new customers and keep driving revenues becomes intense.  Then, administrative, regulations, hiring and firing, and customer service issues begin to appear. Are you prepared to survive them? You may ask yourself, at what point does the business become an asset that sustains you and not you just a job that you own. There are ways for your business to save time and make more money.
Established Businesses
Your business is booming and times are good. And despite that, you still want more. Do you hear yourself saying:  Quick to decide, but slow to change; Been There and Done That; We have been burned before so trust does not come quickly with us? Your confidence level and pride in your accomplishments are admired by many. However, over-exuberance may blind you from seeing the dangers that are lurking, which could quickly destroy all that you have built. Our team has managed multi-million dollar operations in some of the biggest cities in the world. Let us show you how to grow bigger.
Senior Businesses
You gone the distance with your business. After many years of hard work, long hours, and demands on you and your family, you've finally decided that it is time to consider an exit strategy. This could be the challenge of selling or liquidating the business. It may also be the opportunity to pass the reins of the business to your descendants, franchise, or bring in a management team of experts to manage the day to day operations of the company as you enjoy the benefits of generational wealth.  Proper incentives and control systems need to be put in place as children, grandchildren, and in-laws may create problems that could have your enterprise go from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations. Let us show you how you can continue to earn from your labors and provide for generations of your descendants.
We Take Pride In You And Your Success
If you're a business that has faced struggles, understand that we've been there too.

Like all good entrepreneurs our team has most definitely taken their licks, including deals that cost very large sums of money. But again, like all good entrepreneurs, we've worked work way through the learning and growing phases and have mastered the art of doing business.

Let us guide and show you how to advance your business to the next level by providing relevant and powerful business solutions tailored toward your industry, your niche, and your business.
The Team
Over 100 years of combined Business, Financial, and Legal Experience
Leonard Connell, M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer
Leonard Connell, M.B.A. has managed millions of dollars from around the world as the top talent in several different companies. A certified Mensa member, Len understands financial markets and economic systems in a way that provides profitable advantages to businesses of every size.
Mary Segura
Vice President of Financial Planning
With 20 years in the lending and banking industry at JP Morgan Chase, Mary quickly established herself as a Senior Marketing Director with Transamerica Financial. Now, she brings her vast financial experience to bear to help Advance Business Solutions clients.
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Our goal is to improve the lives of business owners in meaningful ways by implementing systems and processes that can transform industries. Whether your business is just starting out, or well into it's elder years and everything in between, we will make every effort to provide the highest quality service to anyone who needs it. 
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